Good Afternoon Captain!! Happy Teachers Day to you!! Thank you for being the best instructor and giving us your all❤️❤️

Good evening captain. Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to say that you are being missed a lot. Wish the training could go on for a little while more. You are a very special instructor to me and I hope we will meet soon!❤

Sir u have been an exceptional mentor and a person, wish you a grand and successful year ahead.

I am thankful for your coordination and support Sir. I had a great experience talking to you day before joining and after completing course. You are a man of your words. I remember about my fees and delays and again helping for VISA extension Thank you, sir.

🤗🤗 Thank u!! It’s been an absolute pleasure training with u! I have dreaded sims all my life but after last week, my outlook has totally changed and that’s only because of u! Thank u for making it so fun and easy and not scary at all -))

Good morning sir this is Nitin Joshi, I hope you remember me. I wanted to share good news with you, I’ve been selected as senior first officer at Air India. I joined the company in January and was under training, I wanted to share the news when I wear 3 stripes and I just joined Mumbai base as a first officer, my supernumerary flying and SLFs are yet to complete but I want to thank you for all the support and motivation during my TR, it was a wonderful experience there which I’ll always remember.

Sir, I'm checking out today from the hotel and leave for airport directly from loop. Thank You for everything!!!

Oh yes Joel Those days are imprinted in my mind. Will cherish them always :)) Thank you for such a fabulous time. Actually, everyone who comes back talks highly of the effort you put in to train and the lovely time they had there.

Good afternoon Captain, Tons of thanks to you and Capt. Prashant and everyone for arranging the whole training while we were out of touch. It was a great experience in Vilnius and good learning experience as always. Take care 😊🍻

Thank you, Capt. Joel, I had such a wonderful training experience with you. Thoroughly enjoyed each day in Vilnius. Well planned and amazing training. Thank you, Capt. Prashant, for coordinating and personally taking interest in every individual to resolve the challenges faced. Thank you for your continuous efforts to make this a success.

Want to thank you for everything, you have been amazing teacher & guide for us Thanks once again 🙏 Will keep in touch & will keep disturbing u 😜

Wanted to thank you once again for all the training, help, you’ve given us. Thank you! See you soon.

Good morning sir ji Thank you, for always helping me out, for always motivating me, for all the guidance, all the experience you shared Without you this wouldn't have been possible. I am blessed to be trained under you 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Love you always and thankyou captain ❤️❤️

Thanks a lot sir for all your help & I hope that we will get chance to meet soon 🙏 🙏🙏 God bless you sir

Good morning sir. I’m back to India. Thank you so much sir. Finally rating done. This could not be possible without you. Thanks a ton. I will never forget this help 🙏…. ETR is totally opposite very convenient & smooth. I will strongly recommend all my friends to join here only.

Yes sir no problem we were wishing just to meet before we go and thank you for everything. For sure sir will work hard for that thank you sir 😊 Will miss you and these days sir ❤️ Yes sir I learned a lot from you and always try my best

My aim is to be as driven as you and then I'll be at peace Won't stop no matter what 💪🏻 will work harder from now onwards You're my idol sir and I will forever be in your debt Godspeed Captain Thank you, sir for everything you have given me ❤️

Thank you so much for the heartfelt wishes’ sir and for all the patience and cooperation you and your team have shown. 🙏🏻

Thank you sir 😊🙏🏻 Its, God’s grace, thank you for all your precious efforts For giving us that confidence again It’s your effort too sir Thank you 🙏🏻

Thank you so much sir, all paperwork received today. Wouldn't had been possible without your help. Really grateful for everything. Happy Landings see you soon!